Tuesday, September 22, 2009


My Beautiful Zara,
How my heart aches
To think of your pretty face
Those beautiful curls

You were always
So calm, so loving,
So helpful, so caring,
So serene, so sad...

Your eyes spoke for you
The sadness of the years
Teenage passed away
Troubled and confused

Memories of fights
Sadness and hurt
The failed attempts
At leaving this life

Suddenly there was relief
A new phase, a new age
An opening in
The web of sorrow

You saw the light
It made you glad
You reveled in it
You found love

Years of tears
Seemed to have left you
Confident and eager
You faced the world

But, it did not last
You gave away your love
You lost yourself
In this hard world

It started eating you
You tried to surface
Unable to find him
Who would hold you up

Alas, young Zara
You did not stay
Though you wanted
To find a way

You tried so hard
And yet you lost
You left sweet Zara
You are gone forever

Beautiful Zara
I still can see her
But it is not her, only
Reflections in the river

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Empty Eyes

Swiveling emotions
Images of the past
They haunt me
Surround me
Leave me alone!

How deep is your wound?
Have you nursed it?
They linger
For a while
But it all expires

Move on now
To important things