Friday, December 11, 2009


There the plant lies bleeding
How I hope he does not die

You used to be so strong
I never knew
This day would come
So weak, it can't be true!

All I wanted was to help it grow
I tried to trim it
But it refused to know
That it was for its own good
But now I feel lost
I trimmed it,
But at what cost?

All I wanted was for
It to be independent
Oh how it just lies there
Blood is everywhere

Stop bleeding I beg you!
Don't tell me its too late
Shall I mend you or shall I let go?
Please stop begging for more

Wont you mend on your own?
I love you so much
Dont mistake my tone
It is love and its is touch

Can't you see how much I care?
But still
The blood is everywhere
Helpless, I stare

If it comes to this
I must save you again
Because twice is enough
Thrice, would be my end

Wake up! Mend yourself
I cannot take the pain
If you cannot mend
I must save you again...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Show me pain and I'll crumble
Show me shame and I'll stumble
Don't Manipulate
I will integrate