Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Love Poem...there had to be one...

Some say that love is easy
it is like a game
some say its difficult and hard
and someone is always to blame

tiring or fullfilling?
precious or spaceless?
killer or life giving?
meaningful or meaningless?

love makes you go around
in circles forever
love creates a path onwards
that ceases never

love makes you drop
like a hot potato
love makes you fly
high and wide like Plato

Which answer must I choose?
The good ones or bad?
I must let my heart speak
before i go mad!

It is simple
it is pure
it is growth
it is sure

it is forwards
never backwards
it is beautiful
it is discipline

it is faith
it is appreciation
it is apologising
it is forgiving

you and me
we share a dream
to be together
just us forever

love has kept us
love will lead us
love is ours
we are His.