Wednesday, October 22, 2008 does not mean more buckets

I went to Baltimore
It was no eye sore
But more than anything
i met my sister ming ming (whatever that is)

what was the best thing there you ask?
it was the man with the blue mask!
nah i'm just kidding my dear
but i will tell you the truth, dont fear.

to the aquarium we went
thank god we didnt faint
sharks and sting rays we saw
varsha thought they would eat her raw (thats how they like their food mostly)

a dolphin show put the colour back in our cheeks
oh such cute and intelligent tricks!
it was like nothing i had seen before
it made me clap my hands and my heart soar

lots of shopping was on the agenda (man agenda is going to be a tough word to rhyme)
round and round the stores we wenta (a slight tamil accent...(no offence to tamilians or their lovers)
the most expensive things i bought
cause varsha was paying so, why not!

but the best part about the trip
was being with my sweetest sis
how lovely it is to be with family
thanks god for blessing me!