Sunday, February 22, 2009

One by One...

One by one my leaves fall
The winter is now coming
Once, I used to stand tall
Now I feel like I am crumbling

Why do I feel so you ask?
Why do I look forlorn?
I feel like I am wearing a mask
One that cannot be torn

Grudgingly I am bent sideways
The unrelenting wind pushes
My bark so strong yet too weak
Against the winds that beat

I am pushed down into the ground
My head pushed into the ground
My feet still firmly planted
This is not me! Uncomfortable...

I tried so hard not to become like this
I am ashamed of myself even more
I cannot tear the mask off my face
I don't know what to do anymore

Look how harsh the wind blows now
My poor friends are uprooted
The wind spares no one...but me
It shaped me thus so it would never kill me

Now I know why I had to change
I know now for my bark is strong
I was shaped thus to bear the wind
Till one by one my leaves fall