Sunday, November 14, 2010


We stood tall
Firmly rooted
Positive strength
Running through us

We were not afraid
Not even thoughtless
Yet we did not know...
Know it all

We displayed ourselves
Enjoying progress
Unknowing and simple
Fun-loving and giving

But when it came upon us
We were shaken
The raging fires
The intense heat

It came closer
We watched us burn
Shattered we felt
Unlikely to recover

Hate and pity
Blank disbelief
Depression and numbness
Fearful cowering
Poignant tears
Defeated attitudes
Broken acceptance
Anxious futility
Skeptical outlooks
Broken dreams
Aimless lingering
Decaying pasts

But as we decayed
We were born again
This time fuller
Useful once again

Believing in ourselves
Good once again
Growing and gathering
Our love and dreams

Strength seeking
Receiving and conceiving
Why did we go through that?
Natural necessity we agreed

We swayed with the wind
Stronger and readier
For the next fire
Our destructor and creator

But in the distance I always see it
The Boundaries are blurred
But I always see it
Its eyes piercing me
Its greed killing me
Maybe its not just an ordinary fire
A fire that consumes me again and again
Just as I consume the fire