Friday, September 26, 2008


That what I have been doing every thursday evening.... playing football or what they call Soccer here. Its absolutely 'awesome' again as they say here with the American twist of the tongue. I am not really sure if there is any tongue twisting in that but you get the point eh?
But I ain't playin just some 'galli' football but actual tournament in a proper field. The field is infact a indoor field. Its pretty awesome. So a few people in my department and their friends signed up a team for this season.... and asked me to join them. I told them I suck plus $50 for it....ummm...nah.
But guess what? We all suck and its totally worth the money because its a lot of fun.
So i have to wear shin guards and high socks till my knees and shorts and t-shirt and over the t-shirt i have to wear a stinking colourful vest to match the rest of my team. I am ready to go!
we play against other teams. I have played 2 thurdays already and have 3 more to go. Its great excersise and really tiring. The deal is that there have to be 2 girls on the field at all times and the ball has to be kicked by a girl at least once before there is a goal. there are only 3 girls in my department and so we all get a lot of running to do. but its not too bad.

We lose.
yes thats what we do.
we lose.
well yesterday we played the best team (undeafeated!) and guess what happened?
Nah I am kidding.
We lost 8 goals to Zero. hahaha
But we philosophers are all cool headed and unambitious, non-competitive folk. we take it easy. so its not difficult to lose...
The best part of this whole football thing is that I get to kick the ball, i get to fall and make other people fall too! The other great think about it is the pain oh sweet pain in the legs till the next thursday.
Well here you have it. I am getting all round development here in Toledo.
Loving it.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I have decided to start writing on random topics that come to my head just for fun. So today's is beans.
There used to be a poem called...

Beans! Beans! the magical fruit
The more you eat the more you toot
The more you toot the less you eat.... etc..

I cant remember any more..

Beans are like pseudo peas. You think you could open them and find something meaningful inside them but nope you just gotta chop em' up and eat em' (its not the american accent coming in if you are wondering).
Its usually when I am in a recklessly happy mood that I end up writing posts up stuff like beans. Otherwise I am usually on serious stuff like god, soul, mind, the end of the world etc.
But why am I even writing about beans in the first place I have no idea!

Here are some facts about beans anyway...

  1. Beans were among the first cultivated crops when man started agriculture
  2. Beans can be dried and kept for years. (good point to note while packing a survival kit before we will drown because of global warming)
  3. Beans help reduce cholesterol because they are the richest source of fiber(this is a great point to know who I am talking to)
  4. Dried beans can even be used as pizza topping (eww!)
  5. Beans can reduce the risk of cancer
  6. thats it....
ya thats all I have to say about beans. If i write anymore you will probably be wondering whether I have nothing else to do in the US. well as a matter of fact I do have a lot to study so I will sit down to read the 'evolution of the human mind'.
see ya