Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Two Worlds

A sad song
Reminds me
Of myself
A happy song
Reminds me
Of myself

I turn on the news
For a few minutes
I remember the others
For a few minutes
I turn off the news
I am lost again
Long live
My world of dreams

My longing to serve
My longing for love
My longing to love
To make a difference
To absorb the world
As I am absorbed
By it

I am a mix of
My world of dreams
I am a mix of
Her tears

Sometimes I forget
What is outside me
Sometimes I remember
The pain she bears

I am torn

Wake me up
When I am lost
I remain yours
As I am mine

I hope that we are all constantly torn between the two worlds even though they are not two, but just one. But the struggle continues to move with and beyond my own world of dreams.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Day Naa Turned into an Analytic Philosopher

Naa was a regular guy. He did what regular guys did. Ate, slept, drank, and walked. Walk he did, up and down the town. As he walked he would think. Think thoughts and about thoughts. This is the story about the longest walk he ever took.
The sun was shining as Naa was walking. He looked around and saw the shops. One beside the other they all stood. All independent and different. He entered Dick's sporting goods, and he felt like he was in world of sports stuff. He entered the lingerie section of Macy's and all he could see for miles was stuff you wore under your clothes. His mind was jumping around. He looked at himself in his panties in the mirror and thought hmm... let me analyze this.
He walked on reflecting on his time in the shops. 'What does 'hard' mean' he thought to himself. Things get hard. Hard is hard. Hard is not soft. These sentences made him worried. 'Hard' he realized was not an easy word to define.
He walked on and realised he was inside a bubble. He thought that it was unusual, but he loved it anyway. He touched the sides of the bubble around him and they felt spongy to him. Instantly it came to him, this bubble was built in such a way that very soon he would know what hard meant!
As he walked he paused near a wall which was covered with numbers. He looked long and hard at these numbers. He realised in this case him looking 'hard' was different from him sitting on a 'hard' chair. He could see in his head now. Some one around him yelled the word, "HARD". Instantly he saw it. Then he knew. The numbers were overpowering him. He was unable to comprehend their meaning. But Naa was smart. He could see that nothing ever in the world, ever, ever, ever could deny 2 + 2 = 4. In fact when he looked around to see if this thought was true, he immediately found the evidence he needed. A poor old beggar was sitting by the road counting his money. 2 + 2 rupees = 4 rupees. Naa thought to himself, 'Ha if this old illiterate beggar knows this it must be true for all!'
He walked around in his bubble, in fact he would now move from one bubble into another. He wanted to teach everyone what he had realized. He yelled it out to everyone on the streets. "I am the King! 2+2 = 4!" They heard him and saw him. 'Aye' they said. He told them people on the streets from his bubble, "Its not 'aye', you must say 'yes'. DO IT!"
Bubble to bubble he walked realizing how everything was bubbles. How Naa wished others would see what he could see. A world full of decontextualized bubbles. How it gladdened his heart! His enlightenment seemed to light up the whole world. The fire in his eyes provided warmth to all around him. The words within in brain spilled out and formed buildings and factories.
He walked and walked and the words in his head spun around faster and faster. Just words and words and world of words. He decided to sit down for awhile and think. He sat down for oh so long. That was it. When Naa stood up again he was not the same. This was the day that Naa turned into a monster.

Then we sang...

Oh Monster Naa
You Stand so tall
Taller than the trees
You crush them all

Oh Monster Naa, Your head is heavy

Oh Monster Naa
You try to shoot us
We duck and hide
But your gun is rusted

Oh Monster Naa, Your head is heavy

Oh Monster Naa
You forgot your bubbles
You are trapped in them
Your universal troubles

Oh Monster Naa, Your head is heavy