Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Two Worlds

A sad song
Reminds me
Of myself
A happy song
Reminds me
Of myself

I turn on the news
For a few minutes
I remember the others
For a few minutes
I turn off the news
I am lost again
Long live
My world of dreams

My longing to serve
My longing for love
My longing to love
To make a difference
To absorb the world
As I am absorbed
By it

I am a mix of
My world of dreams
I am a mix of
Her tears

Sometimes I forget
What is outside me
Sometimes I remember
The pain she bears

I am torn

Wake me up
When I am lost
I remain yours
As I am mine

I hope that we are all constantly torn between the two worlds even though they are not two, but just one. But the struggle continues to move with and beyond my own world of dreams.

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