Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Fake

At Qutub Minar

The Fake Empire
Boasting your greatness
For no one
But his, to take and plunder
Your savage rape
Of me, tearing walls.

The Fake Orgasm
At home you know
Behind doors
What takes place?
Your savage rape
Of me, empty heart.

The Fake Heart
Your dark heart
You fill it with dread
As you plunge it within me
Your savage rape
Of me, broken flower.

The Fake Guilt
I am filled with it
Oozing out of my eyes
No one caught them
Your savage rape
Dripping off my face.

The Fake Future
Bleak onwards
They will come lost
Cannot protect from
Your savage rape
Nameless, countless, endless

His forgotten, his lover
Their slave, their disdain,
Your disappointment, your insecurity

His to abuse, his to keep
Theirs to discard, theirs to sin
Yours to save, yours to forgive

You fear
You nothing
You crumbling