Monday, August 31, 2009

A Little More Uncomfortable...

I want to make you feel
A little more uncomfortable
I want to tell you things
You don't want to hear

Can I express how I feel?
Will you be able to hear it?
Or perhaps you will be entertained
And I will take a bow

I want what I cannot have
I am offered what I don't want
I am tired of wanting
I know desires are fleeting

Let it come to me, why?
Do I deserve it?
Am I good enough?
Maybe just different

I just drowned
In self-pity
Did not mean to
Wanted to be above it all

Maybe I am
Stop now...
Not 'I', Not 'I'
Look outside

Not too deep?
Not now
Just be
No mind

No comments
From me?
From you?
From them?

I look now
Inside me
It has gone
It passed already

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

पुश एंड पुल

वाई डस लव पुश एंड पुल मी?
आई क्न्नोत कंट्रोल माइसेल्फ़
यु स्पिन मी राईट राउंड
एंड आई हेट यू फॉर इट

वाई डू आई लव व्हेन
आई वाँट टू हेट
वाई डू आई गो क्लोसर
व्हेन आई वाँट टू रन?

वात ड्राईव्स मी
वाई कांट आई स्टॉप?
आई डोंट वाँट टू हर्ट
नॉट मी, नॉट मी

आई विश फॉर हिस लव
कम टू मी
समय जस्ट पासिस
ही डस नॉट कम

हेल्प मी फाइट दिस
टू ओब्सर्व
लेट गो

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tere Naina

मेरे दिल में जो अरमान है
पास आके झरा देखो ना

आब जो तुम मिलगये हो तो
फिरसे ना कहीं खो जा ना

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Is it right or wrong?
To feel
To feel too much
You tell me

The music swims
Through my ears
It is absorbed
Into me

I am still here
They are not

Ankhon ka hai dhokha,
Aisa tera pyaar

Friday, August 14, 2009

The White Sea

There was a breeze
I looked
I was mesmerized
I was seized

By the white sea
A white sea
A white sky
A silver streak

Across the sky
Along the horizon
Silver, I stare
At the white sea

I am pulled
Sucked into it
Through my eyes
My eyes alone

Into my body
And out again
There were projections
Ripples of explosions

Not heaven?
Another planet?
Where was I?
I did not get

But it was different
It was allowed to be
I was inspired
Become unique

To venture
The unnameable
The touch
So precious

I am grateful
White sea
You feel like all
And beyond me