Monday, August 31, 2009

A Little More Uncomfortable...

I want to make you feel
A little more uncomfortable
I want to tell you things
You don't want to hear

Can I express how I feel?
Will you be able to hear it?
Or perhaps you will be entertained
And I will take a bow

I want what I cannot have
I am offered what I don't want
I am tired of wanting
I know desires are fleeting

Let it come to me, why?
Do I deserve it?
Am I good enough?
Maybe just different

I just drowned
In self-pity
Did not mean to
Wanted to be above it all

Maybe I am
Stop now...
Not 'I', Not 'I'
Look outside

Not too deep?
Not now
Just be
No mind

No comments
From me?
From you?
From them?

I look now
Inside me
It has gone
It passed already

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