Friday, January 23, 2009

Split Personality

My head has split into two
One is me and the other is me too
Is it me? Is it a disease?
Is it who I am? Is it who I want to be?

I am who I am now
Yet I can feel the throbbing in my heart
It is another beat
Another me another path

I look at who I am and I see
Dissatisfaction with what I cannot help but be
I look inside and again I find
Another me that could have been at another place at this time

One day I decide to be like that other
Who I believe is really true
And find that everyone loves her better
Makes me feel like I was wearing the wrong shoe

People who know me cannot help but see
The old even though it is the new me
It makes me ask why am I so?
Is it better or must I not let go?

Am I split into half or is it all mine
Am I the shallow one or am I the kind?
What does this world personality disorder mean?
Is just psychology working its mind?

I can feel fate's hands working here
It has shaped who I am and will become
But it leaves also a picture with me
of some one who I must strive to be

I don't need to look without
All I need to do is look within
When change beckons me
I must follow the other me