Monday, November 3, 2008

The day time stopped...

The Super Computer had predicted that at eleven hundred hours time would stop. The villagers were all in a frenzy trying hard to get into the best mood they could so that they wouldn't be stuck in a bad mood for eternity.
Tom the trench digger decided to hit the bar at 6.00am in the morning so that by the time it was eleven hundred hours he would be a happy drunk man forever.
Sela thought that the only way she knew how to be was to be depressed. She didn't know how else to be. It was her 'comfort zone' she always said. She looked at herself in the mirror and realised how impossible it was going to be to become a happy person before eleven hundred hours, because she didn't know how else to be. So she sat down on the road, waiting.
The busyness man walking down the street looked at her and kept walking. He yelled at anyone who cared to listen, 'Its all bullshit you know. Time never stops you know. The market will keep going up and up and I will be buried in money the day I die!'.
The grandma who heard him thought to herself, 'Oh you fool, you will never die.... how long must I wait my lord?' After thinking that she started walking towards the church at 10.37am to pray because it would take her 23 minutes to walk to the church.
The priest at the church knew she would come. He stood before the statue and bowed his head in solemn prayer, 'Finally I will be devoted to you for all eternity'.
As the young man drove past the street across the church he felt so happy. He wasn't thinking about the church. He wanted nothing more than to reach his girlfriend's house and put his penis into her vagina. Just as he would be ejaculating inside her, his orgasm at its peak, the moment would freeze forever. 'Ah bliss' he thought. He had it all planned in his mind.
The academicians were finding it hard to concentrate with all the noise on the streets of the cars rushing by. They were pouring over theirs books, talking, debating and discussing with each other what the consequences would be if time stopped? They couldn't agree on any one thing. Will there be no more change? Will everything stop moving? Will there be no more progress? What about nature? What about man? What was the wise man thinking?
I was thinking the same thing. What was the wise man thinking? As I stood on top of the small hill overlooking the village, I felt confused... If time stopped did it mean that I would be stuck in this moment forever? Would I have nothing to look forward to? Will I be haunted for eternity by my past? Will I be able to think? I am usually a happy person I thought to myself, but look at me now, I am confused! I started panicking. I felt worried I would be trapped inside my thoughts as the clock struck eleven hundred hours. I looked at my watch and saw 10 seconds to eleven hundred hours...
I was still confused and anxious about the unknown
Thoughts running ceaselessly through my mind, sweat pouring down my face...
A sudden wind that lifts the hair off my shoulders, my eyes close in thoughts....just peace.....
Time stops.


    Wow! Well-done... You should get this published. This is GOOD stuff!
    Thanks for sharing it. It was a great read.

  2. wow thanks for the encouragement Kama... photos are coming soon...