Saturday, July 18, 2009


Close your eyes they said
Feel, they said
The blackness
Swiveling lights
Darkness again
Cells, the nucleus, the web...
Before my eyes it all floated

On the nose they said
Concentrate, they said
Upper lip
Breath goes in
Breath goes out
Breath goes in
Breath goes out
Now cold, now hot
I feel it in my nose

I am diving now
Into the abyss
Hold me!
No one...
I fell down till I reached a bed
A bed of vibrations

Vibrations bursting out of my finger tips
My palms, don't touch them!
Or may be I will touch you
I will heal you
Come to me now
Not yet perhaps...

It is moving now
Engulfing me
Vibrations are filling me up
I tremble at this new experience
I tremble and it hurts
Oh the pain!
Its not mine, or is it?

Images, my life, I gaze astonished
The pains
All mine...
My body aches with my pains
'My' pains?
'The' pains...yes.

They are all gone I cannot believe
I looked for them
Now I feel
A density I have never felt
Am I hollow?
Or am I full?

Here they are again
Oh the vibrations!
Filling the emptiness, the denseness
Bursting out of my skin
I am rising
Boundaries are blurred
Is this me? Or that?
Is all

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