Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sad Love

He walked into her house and changed his shirt. She looked at him and felt love so strong within her. As always she loved him, even more now. She walked up to him and put her hands on his tummy and looked up into his eyes. As he looked down at her he could see the love in her eyes.

She said, 'I can't believe you are going to be three months pregnant in December'.

She hoped he could feel the love overflowing from her for him and her child inside him.

He said, 'I won't be able to fit into my shirts anymore'
She said, 'You can wear Jay's'

They both laughed. She stepped back from him as the sadness started seeping into her.

'It is sad that you don't like me even a little' she said looking down.
'Come here' he said opening his arms for her.

She went to him and they held each other. It was sad love as they stood in each other's arms. She felt the love, and as the seconds ticked by the love changed into sorrow and then the sorrow turned into the bitter feeling of knowing that he would never love her.

They broke apart and looked away while mumbling their goodbyes. She turned just in time to see his back before he closed the door behind him.

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