Thursday, January 21, 2010


How often I have used the phrase, 'you just don't understand me' or 'you have never understood me' or 'if you understood me, then you wouldn't have...' or 'I don't think anyone will ever understand me'.
Thats a whole bunch of emotions and feeling right there in those few phrases...
- I want to be wanted
- I think I am unique
- Hence kind of arrogant
- Self pity
- Some kind of expectations (good or bad, I don't know)
I am sure there are several more but I cannot think of anymore right now. You can add some too...

But what does it even mean to 'be understood?' Does it mean I have a core personality that the other person must figure out? Does it mean the other person should be able to figure out the causes behind my actions? Does signify a romantic way of understanding the unspoken?

To me it just means one thing. 'You don't understand me the way I want to be understood'.

When you understand me in a certain way, I feel bad about myself. But when you understand me in the way I want to be understood, I feel good about myself.

Why care so much about it and whether people understand you or not? Why is it so essential?

I am happy just to lay in the grass and look up at the sky...maybe?

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