Sunday, February 14, 2010

For You - Valentine's day Love Poem

Why is today special?

Everyday I see you,

I feel care

Care for your now and before and after

I feel longing

Longing for your care and caress

I feel pain

Pain that I break my heart everyday

I feel resignation

Resignation at never getting a chance.

All this I feel, everyday.

Why do I care?

Even though I know what you feel

Why do I care?

Despite knowing how it will be

I know even if you would give us a chance

It would be painful and tiring

Sadness and hurt

For me and


And yet here I am once again

On a gloomy sunday

Wanting to show you how I feel

Waiting for your sweet care

To lie in your arms

Even if it is just for a day, an hour, a minute.

And yet as I write and send this I know

Today I want to tell you about my love

I will not take anything or want anything

Tomorrow I will be your friend again

Today the sun will set again

Another day will have passed

With the shadows of the emotions it had cast

Tomorrow I will speak to you again

Just as a friend you will approach me

And I will gladly accept it for the best

Because I can only care for you

Only always understand.

The sun has set and with it

So has my longing

Why is today special?

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