Monday, March 23, 2009

Letting Go

Letting go is confusing. For many people let go = give up. I am not sure that's always true. Though there are definitely some situations where you are saying, 'I am letting go' but in reality you are giving up. So what differentiates the two? I guess sometimes you know in your gut that you must let go and trust the process. Whatever the process may mean to you. It could mean time, god or quantum physics. I prefer the word 'surrender' to 'let go'. Surrender also sounds negative but i feel it requires more strength that it requires to keep holding on at times. I guess you just have to listen to your gut to know when to let go when to surrender and when to give up.
I find letting go mostly difficult. Letting go of situations, bad decisions and the past have been easy for me. But letting go of people is tough. Sometimes people move on but you don't. What do you do then? Run after them for awhile and then when it doesn't work you let go. But what if my mind and heart are refusing to let go? I want to let go to be free but I cant stop trying. Is it that I am not willing to surrender? Perhaps. Is it that probably there is some value in holding on even if it hurts? Perhaps. Sometimes persistence wins. I had a friend who absolutely refused to let go of the one she loved even when it seemed clearly to everyone around her that it was time. But she didn't. And that later became the reason why her beloved never wanted to leave her again. She persisted in her love, leaving her ego behind, just driven by her heart. She is inspiring to me. Am I to do the same for the people I love? Am I to not let go? If I do let go perhaps I will be given another chance?

These questions to me always have just one answer. I must do my best and surrender. I think I have done my best and now I am strong enough to surrender and to await the unknown.


  1. Oh my gosh! It's crazy how much we have in common! I mean, "letting go" is something that I have been working on for years now. It's a hard process, but it's a wonderful learning one. For me, it has two meanings:
    1- Letting go of material things, not getting attached to worldly things. Easy-- I call it material cleansing. I love it and it prevents me from being attached and I feel I can pack my entire life in just a small suit-case without feeling awful.
    2- Then comes the hardest part. Letting go of people, something I've thought about and been working on for years. I more or less reached the point where I am convinced that people come and go, and we should let them do so. Not to say that I give them up, but once has to face the fact that we all grow at different rhythms and in different directions, and when this happens, you can't hold on to what 'was' but let things shape up with their new dynamics.
    As well, I know of the story of the boy who did let go of his lover, and then the lover came back much later and never left the boy. Why? Because at that time he needed to be on his own, and then only could he come back to him. You get what I mean?
    Letting go does not mean giving up, but just re-working a relationship in new parameters and letting the other take his/her own course.

  2. yup i agree with everything u say. people come and go. and thats great.
    just like going away for awhile was important the same way the struggle accompanied with letting go is important too na. hmmm... knowing when to surrender has been my saviour. its a great experience.

    awesome that we r so alike! who knew!

    hey does my blog look weird like its got some advertisements all around it? cause it looks like that on my pc i dont kno why...

  3. yeps! your blog looks weird! you should find out why and do something abt it.