Tuesday, March 10, 2009

To The Brothers...

I have been in love with brothers (I don't mean Africans) all my life. Brothers have always played an important role in my life. I love the brother-sister relationship. Something fantastically pure about it. I mean of course all boundaries are breakable but they also break the beauty of things.

I think my first close friend was a brother. I was in school and we kind of grew up together. He made me realise I needed to be more open to people, include them in my life. He taught me how to play Mortal Combat on the computer which my dad banned me from playing. But I still did play it secretly! My first friend my first brother. I found it tough to let him go when times changed and I changed. But his love always stayed with me and I still love him very much. The hours we spent playing games in each others houses and sharing each others lives are things I will always cherish.

The next brother in my life taught me to love. We were the same age. But it took just 4 days for us to realise how close we were to each other. 4 days and 16 years of knowing him. Beautiful times. His short trips to meet us on holidays were all I got. But 4 days were enough for me to see how beautiful and loving he was. His loving and caring nature showed me what love is. Letting him go was the toughest thing I had to do. But keeping him in my heart was the easiest. I miss him terribly when I think of what could have been.

I am not done yet...still got more brothers. This one was the one who gave me all the love and support when I needed it the most. He will complain that he is not my 'blood-brother' and wishes he was. But all I can say to him is that we are closer than many 'real' siblings so quit complaining. As you can see I like to scold this brother of mine. He irritates me like crazy and will also laugh his wonderful laugh when he reads this. I love him even though he is so stubborn. I love him for all he has given to me and for all the quiet times we have shared together. I am always there for him.

Last but not the least is my other amazing brother who I was fortunate enough to spend sometime with before I left home. He is engaged now to a beautiful lady. I was upset more than I thought I would ever be when I realised he was getting engaged without me even knowing that. We clicked immediately even though we had not spent much time together in our lives. I treasure our times together watching animation movies and his crappy easy listening cds. (There was nothing 'easy' about easy listening). I am so glad to have him in my life.

To all the brothers I have written about and not written about I want to say that our relationship is a special one. I want to thank you for everything that you have added to my life. I love you and you bring so much beauty and depth in my life. I treasure your love, care and protection. And now that you know how precious your love is to me, you better make sure it stays forever. Yes it is a serious threat.

Love ya Bros


  1. ab, ab, ab...
    There is one thing common in all these bros is they have a wonderful and unique sister in you.
    You rock..
    Lots and lots of love and valo
    Keep thinking (n posting)

  2. Ok, here goes:

    Firstly - The Easy Listening Music collection is close to my heart. It is E-A-S-Y!! EASY!! EASYYYYYYYYY!! You just have bad taste in music.

    Secondly: I still repent not informing u personally about my engagement. Sorry. And ya thanks for the lovely e-card for my birthday.

    Thirdly: Love you immensely sis. Wishing that there could be such a carefree time in both our lives where we could just freak out together, no deadlines, no patients, no studies - nothing. Just me and my sisters and unlimited fun. And of course the easy listening cds.

  3. btw... the "I don't mean africans" was damn funny... it made me giggle.

  4. Whatever...(for the easy listening cds)

    Shut up...(I have excellent taste in music)

    Love you!!!...(for giggling at my joke)

  5. Anandi!
    Do I get to be a brother of some sorts as well? I'll send my C.V. and a motivation letter if need be, but I think I deserve to be a brother as well! Even if it's just for the sake that you were one of my first friends in India, that you gave me my FIRST ride on a bike, ever, and that we had the same subjects in your F.Y! And above that, we lost each other and found each other again!
    I think I qualify!

  6. Oh my dear Kama! you do qualify! So sad I never asked u before. But I will ask now... Will you be my brother please?

  7. Thank you:-)put the biggest smile on my face...:):):)