Friday, April 18, 2008

The Endless River

This choice of life brings with it a lot of sadness of unfinished dreams of purity, freedom and exploration. It brings with it a defeated acceptance of life and all it has to offer. Nirvana, sadness, happiness, people, relationships, love. But what is missing here? It is missing. Depth is missing. Unknown is missing. There is a compromise everybody has made with life at some point or the other but have forgotten it. Some remember, but most of them have forgotten it. And soon I will also forget and get lost in this world and one day I will wake up and find the dreams of my childhood. I will show them the light of the unknown. The light of a place where they can be different. Completely different. No norms, no rules no prefixed path or way of life like the one is lived. What do I mean? Well I mean look at the life of a normal man. He is born, he plays as a child, goes to school for 12years, college for 5 years or so. Then he must work for money and livelihood which in reality he should have no need to work for because everything on earth is for him and everybody. There is more than enough for everybody. How is it that man said this is mine when it was and never is his? And still it is not his as u know very well man is born and dies without a single thing. Then he questions himself as he does through his whole life what is the purpose of my living? Most of the times his answer is to be of help to another person. And that he does and some people do it a lot. Then he dies. But can there be a completely different life? One where there are no words, no definations, no rules, no needs, no pressures, no goals, no money, nothing of what is now. Don’t u think it is time a new life is created god? A completely different life? Has not this life gone on for too long? The mess is ever increasing. The ones who seemed to have found ways of staying away from this life are just waiting for u to send or create a new life. Unconscious frustrations are causing deaths and more hurt. Some of which are conscious. But I think it is time for this life to end. I understand god that u must have some plan, but must this end with so much pain, so much suffereing, so much hurt? Cannot it end peacefully with a thought in everyone’s heart of peace and hope for the light of the unknown? Are we the ones to show the light? Is there any hope for this life to end beautifully? If I am meant to show the light I am ready to do what you please. Because I too want a different life. Don’t give up on me. I am not lost yet.

How much will people do to survive in this life full of hurt and pain. Everybody finds a corner or a log of wood to float on while the river keeps on growing wilder and stormier. So many so many are unable to hold on and pass away. When will this storm end? Why do some people float on unbreakable boats while some barely can hold on to one piece of log? And then they try desperately to hold on to another and another and try to build a raft for themselves. Many manage to do that. But that is all they do. Ultimately they are still flowing with the river towards its end which is the same for all. And many decide to help pthers as they build their own rafts and help others who are struggling to keep their head above the water, up on to their rafts. But there are so many who go under, so many who are crying out for help. What can we do god? We are all being hurled towards the end by this river which becomes increasingly violent. We all must hold our hands as we will meet the end as it comes ahead of us.

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