Saturday, April 12, 2008

Leibniz and the Monads....

Leibniz was (i'd say!) a brilliant Philosopher and Mathematician who came up with the calculus at approximately the same time as Newton. But i like to think of him more as a philosopher for his theories of 'Monads'.
Its a most absurd sounding and abstract theory and one would think that he probably just made it up because he wanted to do something with his time! sitting in his bathtub... and thinking...."hmm... what if the world is made up of monads?" Well the word itself sounds pretty much like what the hell???
Yeah so basically this guy thought that the world is made up of the 'Monads' which are everywhere or rather they are everything. just that too bad for us we cant see them. But wait a minute.... we are also freakin monads. so there ain't no we and them its all Monadsssssss. Kinda like atoms one may say. But DONT YOU DARE IMAGINE MONADS AS ATOMS!!! Cause if u did it would mean you got some extra sensory vision and you managed to see them Monads. But the truth is they are 'imperceptible' to the eye and they are without 'extention' and they do not exist in 'time and space'. Well if you want to know what those big words mean you should just look up the dictionary. Or just ignore them...thats how philosophers get through most of the big books. If you spend time to 'stop and stare' in philosophy then you'll never get anywhere isn't it?
Well I kind of drifted from the point didnt I? Yeah so these Monads says Leibniz must have a reason to exist otherwise whats the point of it all? Just like our lives.... So God is the reason and he ordered the monads to march forward and make your body. And this God is like the best god ever. Cause he can't help but be otherwise so he's like the most perfect being. So obviously the shitty life that you think you are living is in fact the best one you could ever have! Cause God could only make the best world possible!
So lessons to learn from this???
1) Stop cursing life and get on with it cause its awesome and its probably you who dont know it yet.
2) you are the best possible collection of Monads!!!
3) if your monads have a purpose so must believe it
4) We are all monads afterall isn't is??? so no need to nurse that huge ego cause it is nothing really but a bunch of monads like the garbage in your dustbin.
5) Whatever....

well so this guy Leibniz didnt just make up stories you know but gave proper proofs and logical reasoning for all that stuff. so in case he interests you, u can ask me to email you the essay i wrote on him or just google him....

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